Look Into My Eyes by Dominic Benhura


Look Into My Eyes is sculpted in Springstone by Dominic Benhura and it is trademark Dominic! The piece measures 63″ tall x 24″ wide and is pictured in front of Dominic’s almost empty swimming pool!

Why, you must be asking, is the pool empty? When we bought this piece from Dominic in Zimbabwe, electricity was only running between midnight and 6am, there was almost no running water in the capital city Harare, and conditions for everyone were very tough (and that was before Covid-19!).

Well the piece like all our Dominic pieces is now sitting in Charleston SC and ready to ship!  Discounted price includes shipping with the contiguous USA.  Call me on 843 296 7046 with questions. WE ARE STILL SHIPPING DURING THE COVID CRISIS!

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